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Sensei John Burke from Newton Abbott is a Traditional Karateka with an in depth knowledge of pressure points and kata bunkai.

In between running a full time dojo he attends many seminars, and also teaches his view of pressure points in relation to Chinese Medicine.

Though the concepts of five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Metal) may seem odd to the occidental mind it provides an effective framework for explaining how the impact of blows can compounded, which is easier to understand than Golgi Receptors and weightings in neural pathways.

Among the usual crew of seminar attendees were instructors and students from Samurai Karate, Sandokai Karate and Shorin Ryu Karate, intent on expanding their knowledge base.

The ongoing theme was that though many strikes to specific targets are effective in their own right, they effect can be massively increased by the simple application of multiple/simultaneous techniques to different targets.

Often the lightest taps had people buckling at the knees!

And it was fun.

John Burke Seminar