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Truro College's Tregye campus was the venue for a one day intensive Sports' First Aid course, exclusively for members of the Cornish Karate network.

For many it was their first taste of First Aid, for others it was a refresher and a chance to get up to date with the changes that invariably occur in First Aid.

Congratulations go to the following who successfully completed the course.

Aiden Tennenbaum, Sandokai
Alice Helliwell, Sandokai
Andy Cree, Shorin Ryu
Dave Pinch, Zenshindo
Euan Bassey, Sandokai
Josh Sowerby, Sandokai
Kevin Cooke, Samurai
Kevin Eddy, Sandokai
Kevin Singh, Sandokai
Peter Helliwell, Sandokai
Rachel Reynolds, Samurai
Robert Jay, Samurai
Russell McDermott, Shorin Ryu
Simon Norris, Shorin Ryu
Trevor Hall, Zenshindo
Vicky Sharpe, Sandokai